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Our web designers have created thousands of web pages for all types of businesses. Let our experienced web developers build you the perfect site.

fits like a glove imageAt Action Consulting, we believe a web site should fit you like a glove.

Everyone's needs are different, and we build a custom-designed web site for each of our customers.

We began coding in SGML in 1988, when publishing companies were first beginning to produce books electronically. This quickly led to development of web sites in 1990, and we rolled out commercial web design as a serivce in 1994 as Action Graphics.

Throughout that turbulent time, while many designers were using a very undisciplined approach, adopting new features with abandon that never appeared in a World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C) specification and were specific to only one Web browser, we have believed in adherence to web standards, and practiced an approach of platform-independent amd cross-platform / cross-browser design.

The browser wars ended in the late 1990s, and with it, the end of the "wild west" approach to web design.

Time has borne out our approach as the correct one, and standards have caught up as well. Now we use Cascading Style Sheets to separate content from the presentation layer, keeping our code lean and enabling global changes to a web site by modifying the style sheet.

Our approach is to discuss your needs with you, learning what you like and dislike from other web sites. We discuss key features such as navigation, approaches to page layout such as fixed-width or fluid design, and the philosophy of page width, and delve into the level of detail and maturity of the content for your web site. We do all of these things before we recommend a specific technology or approach.

Based on the complexity, detail, and level of effort, we then develop a proposal which both parties agree to before we begin to work on your web site.

We then typically develop a template as a starting point, and refine the template into the final design for your site, which we then populate with your content.

See some websites we have created for our clients by visiting the Recent Projects page.

Offering Content for Web Designers

Please browse some of our content to get a feeling for our philosophy and approach.

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