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Scripting Experts



Action Consulting offers scripting expertise in several categories:

  • Oracle Scripting logoWe are functional experts in Oracle® Scripting, a scripted flow application used in call centers and interaction centers. The expertise we developed was honed by assisting in the development, testing, and implementation of the earliest 5 versions of Oracle Scripting, and we co-designed the largest existing production scripts.

    Our staff participated in developing the survey components of Oracle Scriptinog, including UX user experience design, and assisted product management, QA, product support, documentation, curriculum design, and training in Oracle Scripting and Oracle Survey. We helped write over 2,000 pages of existing Oracle documentation and curriculum.

  • QuestionMark process copyright by QuestionMark SoftrwareWe are experts in developing objective skill assessments using QuestionMark® software. We have experience designing and implementing surveys and conducting follow-up survey analysis. QuestionMark logo 
					copyright QuestionMark software

    We have flowcharting, business process reengineering (BRP), and work analysis experience in a variety of vertical industries.

  • Our web designers have created thousands of web pages for all types of businesses. Let our experienced web developers build you the perfect site.